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Mama Ray's 30th Anniversary Jam

Jazz Ambassadors Magazine-Aug+Sept 2016

Promotional Poster: Solo @ Jazz Legends
November 11, 2014


Promotional Poster: Solo @ Jazz Legends
Oct 29, 2014


Promotional Poster: Spare Parts at
Lenexa Longbranch Oct 3, 2014


Promotional Poster: Solo @ Jazz Legends

Aug 26, 2014


Promotional Poster: Solo @ Jazz Legends
August 2014


Promotional Poster: Appearance on Jazz Quest Radio, Laguna Beach, CA. - July 30, 2014


Promotional Poster: Solo @ Jazz Legends



Promotional Poster for the 19th Annual

Hope House Benefit - April 2014


Promotional Poster for the Sunday Sessions
February 2014


Jazz Ambassador Magazine

August/September 2013

(Ad for Vicory's Jazz & Blues Film)

Promotional Poster for Mama Ray's 

27th Anniversary Jam


John Elliott's Obituary in

Jazz Ambassadors Magazine

August/September 2013


Jazz Ambassador Magazine

October/November 2012

(Sue Vicory's film accepted by

Kansas International Film Fest)


Kansas City Jazz Documentary

Selected for Kansas International Film Festival

Sept 10th, 2012

(Press release)

Promotional Poster for Have a Heart

Jazz and Blues Benefit - August 2012


Online student news source for 

St. Teresa's Academy:

Kansas City, Missouri - April 14, 2012

Promotional Poster for KC2Congo

Benefit Concert - May 2012

The Pitch Magazine - August 11-17, 2011
(Mama Ray's 25th Anniversary Jam)

Blues News Magazine - August 2011
(Cover Article - 25th - Jammers Gallery)

American Music Magazine - May 2011
(Knights @ Zona Rosa Concert Series)


Promotional Poster for Benefit Concert for

International Academy of Mobile Arts

June 5th, 2011


Kansas City Guitar Examiner at - August 26, 2010

(Review by Josh Solomon)

Blues News Magazine - July 2010

(Jay's article on Jim Laforte)


KC Studio Magazine - July/August 2010

with Marylin Maye & Leon Brady


Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine - No.70

Blues News Magazine - April 2010
(Cover Article on Hope House Benefit)


Jazz Ambassador Magazine

April/May 2010
(Jazz & Blues Film to Debut)

Kansas City Star

February 16, 2010
(Jazz & Blues Film to Debut)


Kansas City Blues News

September 2009

(Mama Ray's A-Team)

Jazz Ambassador Magazine

June/July 2009

(Jazz it Up Summer Concert Series Ad) - April, 2009

Blues News Magazine

January 2009

(Mama Ray Moves Jam to BB's)

ink Magazine - August 8, 2008

(Old School - Jam at Embassy Bistro)


Jazz Ambassador Magazine

June/July 2008

(Jay's Piece on Noisy Nightclub Patrons)

Jazz Ambassador Magazine

April/May 2008
(Danny Embrey Plugs Jay's Book)


KC Star - March 2, 2006

(Article on Mama Ray and Hope House Benefit)

KC New Year Magazine - 2006

(Mark Valentine Waxes Eloquent on Jay EuDaly)


Wendler Instruments introduces 

EuDaly Special - Feb. 2005 


KC Star - Sept 20th, 2004
Interview with Jay on the subject of

beginner adult students

KC Star - June 25, 2004

(Picture with Everette DeVan @ Harlings)

The X Entertainment Monthly - Feb 2003

(Picture: Mama Ray Performs @ Harlings)

Jazz Ambassador Magazine

Feb/March 2003

(Guitars Galore)

Jazz Ambassador Magazine

June/July 2002

(Review of Channeling Harold)

Blues News Magazine

July 2002

(Where it all Started - Saturdays at Harlings)


Jazz Ambassador Magazine

Oct/Nov 2001

(Tribute to John Elliott)

Kansas City Star - Sept 19, 2001

(Article & Pic on Mama Ray @ Bogart's)

Jazz Ambassador Magazine

Dec/Jan 2001

(Review of Verticle Truth)


KC Star - June 24, 1998

(Picture: Night Crawlers)

Various Reviews of "JAM!"  

Live at Harlings 1997

Detroit Free Press - April 20, 1997

Jazz Ambassador Magazine

Feb/Mar 1994

(Club Profile: Mother Tucker's)

Jazz Ambassador Magazine

Oct/Nov 1993

(Picture: With Mahogany on the Jazz Cruise)

KC Star - May 25, 1989
(Jay EuDaly Jazz Trio)


KC Times - July 10, 1986
(Picture: With Stan Kessler)


The Squire - July 25, 1985

(The Pontiacs)


The Squire's Other Paper

May 30, 1985

(KC's Best Open Jam)

The KC Jazz/Entertainment

News Report - April 1985
(Jam Session Harlings Upstairs)

The Lead Sheet Magazine

Jan 1983

(Clinic @ Brady's Music)

Raytown Mo. Dispatch-Tribune

June 11, 1980

(Cloud @ 350 Showcase)



David Naster interviews Jay EuDaly for the "You Just Have To Laugh" podcast - January 27, 2022

YJHTL PodcastJay EuDaly
00:00 / 1:31:20

Brett Ecklund and Tommy Benson plug Jay's book and play a cut from Channeling Harold on Jazz Quest Radio.

Laguna Beach, California - November 5, 2015.

Jazz Quest Radio - Nov 5, 2015 - Jay EuDaly

Jay talks and plays live with hosts Brett Ecklund and Tommy Benson on Jazz Quest Radio.

Laguna Beach, California - July 31, 2014.

Listen to a 1-hour radio interview about the

My Ship CD with an accompanying slideshow.

KKFI 90.1 KC Community Radio - May 15, 2014

KKFI: May 15, 2014 - 2nd hour

Listen to a radio interview about
Jay's books, teaching, and history.
Recorded June, 27th, 2013,

aired July 4th, 2013 on Jeff Todd's radio show, Music Makes Sense.

Music Makes Sense - Jay EuDaly & Jeff Todd
00:00 / 00:00

Listen to radio commercials for
guitar lessons with Jay EuDaly

Listen to one of Jay's former students,Brett Ecklund, talk about his lessons with Jay on Jazz Quest Radio in Laguna Beach, CA. on Nov 21st, 2012.

Jeanine from Jay's CD, Channeling Harold,

Featured on Jazz Quest Radio

See the trailer for the documentary film by Sue Vicory, 

Kansas City Jazz and Blues, Past, Present, and Future.

Jay appears in the trailer as well as the film and his tune

What the Blues are all About (from the My Ship CD) 

was used in the soundtrack.

See Jay perform his song, Feel the Flame, from the My Ship CD at the Kansas City Jazz and Blues Festival in 2006

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