90's Photos

At Barley's Brewhaus - late '90's

Fall, 1996
At John's Big Deck w/ Elton Johnson

Solo in 1995

Mid '90's
Host band for the Tuesday night blues jam at Croozer's
Jay EuDaly   Walt Chambers   Terry Hancock   Blake Hughes

Working in the home studio - mid '90's
At this stage the heart of the studio was a Tascam DA88 recorder and a Mackie 24x8 mixer.  I'm working with a Roland R8 drum machine in this photo.

Mid '90's

Recording tracks

with Jack Mulligan
probably 1992

Date unknown - late '80's - early '90's
Bob Blount      

John Armato   

Jay EuDaly

Summer of 1990
Playing with Kevin Mahogany

photo by Allene Mathews

Performing with 

Kevin Mahogany - 1990
This picture was taken by Kevin's wife, Allene Mathews, and wound up being used in my first release, Industrial Moon

After the DA88-based system I went to Cakewalk on a PC