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Photos: 2009

Solo at the Jazz Kitchen in Legends
December 27th, 2009

At the Jazz Kitchen in Legends with Ray DeMarchi
November 27th, 2009

Halloween at BB's
Simple, cheap, comfortable

....yet effective

20th Anniversary of the Sandbar - Lawrence, Ks - August 1st, 2009
(Photos by Nancy DeWitt)

There's some footage taken by Valentine's phone at:

Jay EuDaly, Andy DeWitt, Mark Valentine, Kevin Johnson

Phil Brenner on sax

Taken with Valentine's cell phone during performance

Ray DeMarchi on percussion

Kansas City, Kansas Street Blues Festival June 27th, 2009
Kent Means-vibes

Jay EuDaly-guitar

Don Glaza-drums

Mama Ray  
Adrian Bowman-sax

(behind Mama)

not shown: Alan Monroe - keys

Jay EuDaly


George Robinson

Summer 2009 at Bacchanalia

With Tommy Ruskin at BB's

May 30th, 2009
Wonderful Drummer!

Marquis and Smiley Hydrant
Outside the Phoenix - May 27th, 2009

The Phoenix - Kansas City - April 18, 2009

Gig with John Bukaty - April 4th, 2009
(More Bukaty)

The Phoenix - Kansas City - February 21st, 2009
(Photos by Nancy DeWitt)

Eboni Fondren-vocals  Don Glaza-drums  Andy DeWitt-bass/vocals  Jay EuDaly-guitar/vocals

Mama Ray

Feb. 14, 2009 - St Peter's Valentine's Dance

Jay EuDaly/-guitar/vocals

Rod Lincoln-drums

Phil Brenner-sax

Andy DeWitt-bass/vocals

Andy Masters-guitar
(Photo by Nancy DeWitt)

This was the last gig I played with 

Andy Masters before his untimely death

a few weeks later.
Rest In Peace Andy

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