Master Guitar News 2017

December 15, 2017: Booked several Sundays at Jazz Midtown through 2018. Jazz Legends renewed every 2nd and 4th Tuesday through 2018 plus one Sunday a month through August 2018. These are solo gigs. See Gig Schedule for details.

December 15, 2017: Booked several Sundays at Jazz Midtown through 2018. Jazz Legends renewed every 2nd and 4th Tuesday through 2018 plus one Sunday a month through August 2018. These are solo gigs. See Gig Schedule for details.

August 3, 2017: Uploaded 2 videos: "Road Song" live at Harling's Upstairs with Rich VanSant on Hammond B3 and Marc Caplan on drums and "There is No Greater Love" with Everette DeVan on Hammond B3, Marc Caplan on Drums, Al Pearson on trumpet and Kent Means on vibes - August 10, 1996.


April 6, 2017: 2 things coming up you might be interested in.

  • Next Tuesday the first lesson in a new series of free lessons will be sent to site members. It's called "Unique Chord Voicings" and it's stuff I use all the time. It can be applied to any genre. If you are even remotely interested, please sign up for site membership and you'll get this free lesson series in your inbox once a month for the next several months - 6 months at least. If you sign up BEFORE this Tuesday, the 11th, you'll get in on the series from the very first lesson.

  • Next month I'm launching a new product. It's called "Concepts for Basic Improvising" and is all Pentatonic-based soloing content. It would correspond to some of what's in Unit 2 of my "Vertical Truth" method book series. The product is a downloadable PDF that contains 56 pages, 22 lessons, 156 fretboard diagrams and 30 demonstration video links. This download will be available for a 5-day window the 3rd week of May TO SITE MEMBERS ONLY for a RIDICULOUSLY low price! After that it goes up on the website at retail price which is almost 2 and a half times what the price will be for you - IF YOU ARE A SITE MEMBER! Yet another reason to become a site member.

Check out this 19-second promo.

P.S. Sign up before Tuesday and get the "Unique Voicings" lessons every month for the next few months. If you're interested in the "Concepts for Basic Improvising" series, sign up before May!

Master Guitar News 2016

September 28, 2016: 2 new uploads to the YouTube channel: Footage of a performance in 1996 at Harling's Upstairs in Kansas City featuring Jim LaForte - I Woke Up This Morning.

August 14, 2016: Thanks to all who came out to Mama Diane Ray's 30th Anniversary Jam yesterday. It was packed all day and tons of players came out to sit in. Even though we extended the hours we didn't have time to fit everyone in. Apologies to those who were not called up.


Mama Ray's latest CD was recorded live at Pilgrim Chapel in November of 2014. It features Alan Monroe on keys, Steve Barrett on drums, and myself on guitar and vocals. I have a very limited supply of these left (less than 50) and am offering them for $12.99 while supplies last. Includes shipping. Buy yours before supplies run out!


July 11, 2016: Newsletter to subscribers.

June 3 2016: is now offering lesson series as digital downloads. At the moment we have two products available. These are the first of many that we have planned. You do not have to be a site member to purchase these members have first access at a greatly reduced price (50% or more) for the first week of release. So if you are at all interested in our products it would be advantageous for you to sign up as a site member - signup is free and allows you to access dozens of free lessons, among other things. Click the link below and check out this awesome series on triads.

April 8, 2016: New video: The Man Who Sold the World.


April 4, 2016: Fun gig with former student Evan Dease at Sangria's in St. Augustine, FL. Great town for solo and duo gigs. Check out a video of the two of us doing Springsteen's My City of Ruins.


March 11, 2016: The lesson series, Unit 3: Triads, will launch this Monday, the 14th. It will be a PDF download that contains:


  • 32 pages divided into 7 lessons

  • 217 fretboard diagrams

  • 18 music notation examples

  • 24 demonstration video links.


If you were taking one-on-one lessons from me and we covered the material in this lesson series it would cost you around $250.00 – assuming 3 months to get through the material; most people take longer.


The retail on this product is $79.00. But during next week's launch it will be available to site members only for $39.00. So if you want access to this for half-price sign up now! Go to to sign up!

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