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Photos: 2007-2008

Uptown Theater

Kansas City
November 15, 2008

The Old School Knights open for Black Oak Arkansas
at the End of the Trail Motorcycle Rally

Platte City, Mo. Sept. 6, 2008
Photos courtesy of Nancy DeWitt

Jay and Andy DeWitt (bass/vocals)

at sound check.

Jay EuDaly

Mark Valentine

Kevin Johnson

Phil Brenner

Andy DeWitt

More photos courtesy

of Kevin EuDaly, 

White River Productions

That's the bass player for Black Oak Arkansas,  George Hughen, on the left and 
Black Oak's lead guitarist, Hal McCormack,

checking out the local talent!

At the Embassy Bistro, Kansas City - August 30, 2008
with Ken Lovern on Hammond Organ

At the Embassy Bistro

Aug 2, 2008
Photograph by Sue Vicory -
Sue is producing a documentary about 
Kansas City Jazz and Blues

At the Longbranch Saloon deck party 
Overland Park, Ks - May 21, 2008
Jay EuDaly

Mark Valentine

Andy DeWitt

Ray DeMarchi

This is Kevin Johnson - one of my favorite drummers - he played on several tracks of my CD "Channeling Harold." 
He's also the drummer on the video

"Feel the Flame". 
Relaxin' between sets - March 28th, 2008

At B.B.'s with The Scamps

March 2, 2008
Jay EuDaly-guitar

Dwight Foster-sax/vocals

Wallace Jones-drums

"Lucky" Wesley-bass

Alan Monroe-keyboard

Jay and 

Kevin Mahogany
March 2007

At Harling's - Kansas City

Jan 20, 2007
Photo by Gene Wineland

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