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Sound Tracks

This 1999 release by Jay's record label (Music Room Records) hearkens back to Jay's 1991 release, Industrial Moon.

Guitar oriented instrumental music; this CD was recorded in 1996 as the soundtrack to a video, Warbonnets on the High Iron
White River Productions).


 Several unique tracks including the bottleneck slide of Eastwood Hills and the New Age-type solo acoustic guitar of Tehachapi, in conjunction with some of the best players in Kansas City make this a must-have for guitar aficionados as well music lovers everywhere.


In 2000, The Jewel cracked IUMA's

(Internet Underground Music Archives) 
top 10 on the New Age charts where it remained for several months. In December of 2000, Sound Tracks was among the top 5 sellers in the New Age category on Guitar Nine Records.

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