80's Photos

Late '80s With Chico Battaglia and vocalist Jim LaForte  The band was called Terry and the Pirates

Jay EuDaly    Chico Battaglia   Mo Paul    Jim LaForte    Billy Ward on fiddle

Jay EuDaly (guitar), Jim LaForte (vocals), Gary Doombs (sax), Mo Paul (harmonica), 

Chico Battaglia (congas), Terry Hancock (drums), Blake Hughes (bass)

Playing with Terry & the Pirates in the back room at Harlings - late '80's

1986 or '87 (Photo by Joe Nickell)

Harlings - 1985 - 86

Harlings - 1985 - 86

The Regular Guys - 1986
Jay EuDaly

Paul Walter

Brian Tracy

The Pontiacs - 1985
Jay EuDaly

Jennifer Sparlin

Blake Hughes

Mark Gilmore

Harlings - 1985-ish

1985: Performing with Stan Kessler
Bob Blount - bass   Tim Davis - drums

Bob's Shorts 4.jpg
Bob's Shorts 2 2.jpg
Bob's Shorts 2.jpg
Bob's Shorts 4 3.jpg

Mostly 1984 - Debbie Brown and Good Times

John Hobbs, Brian Tracy, Debbie Brown, Jay EuDaly, Gary Helm


Duck Warner, Mama Ray, Jay EuDaly, Sam Johnson Jr., Rich Hill - early 80s
Jay EuDaly - early 80s
Jay EuDaly
Rich Hill
Mama Ray
Sam Johnson Jr.
Lester "Duck" Warner
Jay EuDaly

Harlings - probably 1984
With Terry Hancock (drums), Chico Battaglia (percussion), Bill Maness (Hammond Organ)

Early days at Harlings - 1984


Jay EuDaly           Gary Helm          John Hobbs          North Kansas City - Summer 1984

1983 with Brian Scott on percussion


1982 with Legend

1981 - ....uh...yeah....showbiz!

1981 - playing a wedding

Early (early '80's) version of home studio.
I owned the room. My friend Joe Nickel owned the gear. As I remember it we used a Teac 4-track reel-to-reel with a Teac mixer and Sennheiser mics. We made tape loops by slicing and splicing tapes together with razor blades and stringing them around mic stands. Good times.


My good friend Jack Mulligan tracking keyboards

Another close friend, Brian Scott (drums, percussion, vocals, guitar, piano) and myself clowning around. This is the kind of fun you can have when you're not paying for studio time!

Cloud's last month

Cloud's Last Month (Jack DeVault, Mike Harvey, Dean Voltz, Jay EuDaly)

March 1980 - sunrise on I-94 between Bismarck and Fargo

Escaping the tour bus and heading home

Jack DeVault (guitar, vocals), Gary Sutton (vocals, trumpet, percussion)

Hotel room - Bismark, North Dakota - March 1980

Another hotel room - Lookin' a little raggedy after a few months on the road.

Chicago - Jan 1980
Not exactly a top-of-the-line tour bus!
Picture taken from my cheap motel room balcony.

January1980: practicing in hotel room - Chicago