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Jay Eudaly: The Vertical Truth

August 26th, 2010 11:15 pm ET


Jay Eudaly has performed professionally as a musician since 1969. He is a very well respected guitar player in the Kansas City music scene, particularly the blues and jazz scene. Jay is also a well-known and respected guitar and music teacher, having studied music theory under jazz pianist John Elliot for seven years and studied classical guitar under Douglas Niedt for 3 years.


In 1999, Jay released 10 units of music theory books called the Vertical Truth Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar. The Vertical Truth is a more of a teaching guide than a method book that is designed to be taught by a teacher. It is not designed to be a self-teaching method book. For the reason being that the book itself cannot tell you how to hold your fingers, and teach you good technique. Another reason using this method as a self teaching tool won’t work is that a lot of people when trying to teach themselves tend to look ahead to the last page, and the material in this book is so overwhelming that it is best learned under the guidance of somebody that knows what they’re doing.


The Vertical Truth covers everything from finger technique exercises to melodic-bitonals, which are all things that can be learned and accomplished by anyone who is willing to put in the time and work.


This complex music theory book can also be a great tool for anyone experienced in music theory, that wants to pursue teaching and doesn’t really know where to start, and would like to start with some very solid direction.


If you would like more information on Jay Eudaly and the Vertical Truth, as well as information on guitar lessons, and to find other guitar teachers who teach the Vertical Truth visit Also be sure to check out Jay’s gig schedule.


- Josh Solomon


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