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Although I own a plethora of instruments and assorted gear I have 3 different rigs for most of the gigs I play. The format of the gig determines which rig I will use.

Jazz & Blues

Guitar: Highly modified Paul Reed Smith McCarty model strung with a stock set of GHS Boomers. I generally us a set of .011's and replace the .011 wirth a .012.


Amp: Roland Jazz Chorus 120. I use the onboard effects. Generally no other effects.

Occasionally I'll play a solo instrumental jazz gig where I'm strictly background - ambiance for fine dining or an art show or a reception of some kind. In that situation I'll use my Gibson 175 and a Henriksen Bud 6 amp.


Guitar: 1972 Fender Telecaster &/or an '80's era Charvel/Jackson Model 4 with a Floyd Rose Tremelo. Both strung with GHS Boomers - stock set of .010's.


Amp: Roland Jazz Chorus 120.


Pedalboard: SKB Model PS-45 Stereo Pedalboard Power Conditioner.


2 signal chains: the guitar goes into a Cry-Baby Wah-Wah, then to a Boss Rotery Ensemble, then to an A/B Box.


Lead Side: Marshall Guv'nor Plus Distortion > Boss Chorus Ensemble > one side of Boss Stereo Volume Pedal > Boss DD-3 Digital Delay > Boss RV-5 Digital Delay > Left Channel of JC-120.


Rythmn Side: MXR Distortion II > other side of Boss Stereo Volume Pedal > right side of JC-120. I use the onboard effects: Spring Reverb, Stereo Chorus and Tremelo.


Guitar: Martin MC28 or a Martin GPCPA3 strung with light-gauge Martin Phosphor Bronze.

Highly modified Crafter SA-TMVS Hybrid Acoustic-Electric.


Pedal BoardGuitar goes to a Korg KVP-001 Volume Pedal > Boss 7-Band EQ > Digitech JamMan Looper > Boss RV5 Digital Reverb > to the PA.

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