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Acoustic guitar oriented singer/songwriter with jazz influences - 12 original songs and 3 covers

Traditional Jazz in a Hammond Organ Trio format
Featuring organist Rich VanSant
 plus 3 guitar/vocal duets

An eclectic mix of styles - all instrumental - all original 
documentary soundtrack

Recorded live at Harling's Upstairs in Kansas City in 1996 - documents the Jazz/Blues jam session that has taken place there every Saturday afternoon since 1986

The following two releases are out of print. However, a limited supply is still available. They were released in cassette tape format and are available in that format only. They can be purchased by contacting Jay directly or through PayPal via the "Buy Now" buttons.

All original Christian Pop/Rock

All original instrumental music


This method is the culmination of over 40 years of playing, performing, studying, teaching and thinking about the guitar. It begins with the most fundamental concepts of music theory, applies them to the guitar, and systematically leads the student from the Blues and Triads, through 7ths, 9ths, altered 9ths and beyond, culminating in Altered Dominant Bitonals. A rigorously systematic approach, it nevertheless is guitar-centric in its application of musical principles.


Designed to be used under a competent instructor, it is Jay's answer to the poorly designed, disorganized, "shotgun blast" approach of many of the guitar methods on the market today. Jay has maintained 60 to 90 students a week since the mid eighties and his success in this area speaks for itself. He has built and continues to add to a national network of teachers that are incorporating his books into their own programs.


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  PayPal - Retail: $52.50



(198 pages)

This book is a goldmine of uniquely guitaristic chord voicings. The word, "unique" in the subtitle refers to a chord that is available in one position in a single key. With examples drawn from his own writing and recordings as well as popular Rock and Pop tunes, Jay leads the student from physically easy chords that can nevertheless be harmonically complex to finger stretching voicings that you've never heard before! These chords are one of the things that gives Jay's playing its own unique character. There is a multitude of chord diagrams - no note reading is required. (23 pages)

PayPal - Retail: $13.68

The individual units of Vertical Truth: Chordal Mechanisms for the Guitar are available as separate books. Most of Jay's students buy the individual books as they progress through the method.

PayPal - Retail: $12.80 - 16 pages

PayPal - Retail: $14.00 - 19 pages

PayPal - Retail: $17.00 - 22 pages

PayPal - Retail: $15.40 - 24 pages

PayPal - Retail: $17.40 - 31 pages

PayPal - Retail: $12.60 - 20 pages

PayPal - Retail: $8.64 - 9 pages

PayPal - Retail: $12.60 - 24 pages

PayPal - Retail: $13.68 - 23 pages