Pedalboard for Acoustic Guitar

Other players always ask, "Why the two identical EQ's?" One of them is in front of the looper and the other one is after the looper in the signal chain. The latter one is on all the time and functions as a direct box. I can boost the signal into the board and have some control over the EQ. The other one, the one in front of the looper, is dedicated for lead solos. So I create the loop on the fly (I never preprogram anything), then when I'm ready to solo, I kick the looper on, step on the lead EQ and solo to the loop. The lead EQ is set a little louder and the EQ settings might be a little different to give the solo a different tone than the rythm. Because the lead EQ is in front of the looper, it doesn't affect the sound of the loop. Simple concept, very functional. I also use the EQs as well as a volume pedal because there are no controls on my guitar. Here's some amateur footage of how this works in a solo performance setting.