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Roland Jazz Chorus 120

This is the amp I use on most of my gigs. It's my all-around favorite amp. I own 3 of them. It's solid state and has a very clean warm tone. It's actually 2 60-watt amps with 2 12-inch speakers configured in true stereo. The onboard chorus is one of the best-sounding choruses out there for that reason - it's a true stereo chorus. The on board vibrato is also stereo and is very usable - I employ it quite a bit. The distortion is not versatile. It's not a good rock distortion. It's very brittle sounding - not a smooth distortion at all. I will use it in a Blues situation, but only in tandem with the chorus which softens it up. The combination of the distortion and chorus is kind of a John Scofield sound. These amps are very rugged; I've been using them constantly for decades and have never had any problem at all. On Rock/R&B/Variety gigs I use a pedal board with 2 signal chains going - the lead side goes into the left channel and the rhythm side goes into the right channel. I use the onboard chorus/vibrato on the rhythm side but I have an old MXR Distortion II for the rhythm crunch - I don't use the onboard distortion in that situation. I've installed Fender Tilt-Back legs on two of my 3 JC-120's so that I can aim them at my head instead of the front row. That helps me keep the volume at ground zero manageable, these amps can be very loud and if I'm standing close to them and they're just sitting on the floor the db level 6 or 8 feet in front of me is way louder than what I'm hearing on stage. The very first time I ever used one it was a 1-night loaner from a music store. My Polytone 102 had gone down the night before and I n​eeded an amp for the last night of a 3-night stand. The instant I plugged in and started playing it sounded good to me - instant affinity. I've used JC 120's ever since. 


Because it's so clean even an acoustic guitar sounds good through it.

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