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Polytone 102

This was my main amp for many years - until I discovered the Roland JC 120. I still use this amp on gigs occasionally. It's 110 watts with one 12'' and two 8" speakers. Polytones are solid state amps and have a very warm clean sound. They are favored by jazz musicians but I have used mine for every kind of gig imaginable. As with most any amp, it's possible to overdrive the speakers if you turn it up real loud. This one has two channels. The effects side includes a distortion (not usable in my opinion), an octave divider with 1 octave below, 2 octaves below, or both octaves available together (interesting),  and a typical spring reverb. It also has what they call a harmonic divider that allows you to get a kind quasi-Doppler effect, like a phaser vibrato. It's a stereo effect and there's a stereo/mono switch that you need to have in the stereo position when using the harmonic divider. I don't really use any of the onboard effects other than the reverb. When using it on a rock gig (see photo below) I run a pedal board into it and it sounds real good with outboard effects. It has a closed back so when I do use it these days it's usually because there is a volume issue and the stage sound needs to be tighter and more controlled. The speaker grills I put on myself. The stock grills were pretty flimsy and didn't protect the speakers very well in the real world of one-nighters, tour buses, trailers, vans, and just the general abuse that equipment undergoes when being used full-time in performance situations.


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