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G&L ASAT Classic Telecaster (2015)

This is the first guitar I've bought new, off the wall, since I bought my Martin MC28 in 1981. My intention was to leave it for use in one of my teaching studios but I tried it on a few gigs and liked it. My other Telecaster is older and has a lot more character - the pickups sound better to me - but this one feels better physically. It has jumbo frets on it - I paid to have the original frets removed and jumbo frets put on my other one. 


This G&L works fine for wedding receptions, corporate parties - gigs where there's a lot of variety but lower volume is required. For bigger gigs like festivals or rock clubs where a screamin' tone is required the older telecaster is the one to use. 


I'm also using this one for my teaching videos - it shows up better on camera.


Strings: a stock set of 10's.

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