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1972 Fender Telecaster

I bought this guitar from my friend Jerry Chambers. Jerry and I had adjoining teaching studios for many years. Jerry was in the '70s era band, Morningstar. He also has his own entry in The Who's Who of Rock-N-Roll. Morningstar released a couple of albums on Columbia/CBS Records in the late '70s. The Morningstar story is a Spinal Tap/Almost Famous/That Thing You Do all-rolled-into-one potential movie. Van Halen was a young upstart band that opened for them. Anyway, the guitar has been stripped and refinished (don't know if Jerry did that) and a body-contour routed out of the back. The neck pick-up was bad so I had a Seymour Duncan put in and all the frets replaced with Gibson type Jumbos. This has become my main R&B/Rock instrument of choice. It has a lot of character both visually and sound-wise. The strings I use on this is a set of GHS Boomers - 010's.

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