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Fender Princeton Chorus

This amp is used in my teaching studio, mostly. I have used it 2 or 3 times on a gig but it's not quite powerful enough. I had to turn it up almost all the way. Surprisingly, even pushing it like that, it didn't break up that I could tell. It was very clean. It's 125 watts with 2 10-inch speakers. 2 inputs, 1 channel. However there's a distortion mode that you can engage with a footswitch that has it's own distortion-type controls (gain, limiter, presence, etc). the distortion is useable and sounds good. It also has a decent sounding chorus onboard as well. Overall, I like it but I've come to the conclusion based on my experience over the years that I need to have 12-inch speakers - preferably 2 of them. So this amp resides in my teaching studio and I only gig with it in a pinch.

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