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Martin DR (Redwood Dreadnought)

This is a lower-end Martin that I use in my teaching studio. I even-traded a guy a Martin nylon string for this. I had purchased the nylon string new in '74 after hearing Phil Keaggy play one and had used it for my Classical studies with Douglas Niedt at the UMKC Conservatory in the late '70's. The nylon string was a more expensive guitar than this one but it was pretty beat up and had no value collectable-wise. I'd had it on the road and it had spent a Midwestern night in January off the side of the highway in a broken down tour bus (long story). There were finish cracks all over it and the face of it was warped. It still played fine and the guy who wanted to trade initiated the deal. Since I already had the Alvarez Yairi I figured I would use this DR more than I was using the Martin nylon string so I accepted the guy's offer. I think my beloved old nylon string resides somewhere in west Texas now.


I very rarely use this one live - only in a pinch if my Martin MC28 happens to be in the shop or otherwise unavailable.

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