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1966 Gibson 175

I bought this guitar in 1977. It was my only electric guitar from '77 through about '87. That roughly corresponds to my first decade of full-time playing - 6-8 gigs a week sometimes going months at a time without a day off. So this instrument has very high mileage. However, it's in great shape. The original bridge collapsed so that's been replaced and the little white plastic cover to the pick-up selector switch broke off. One of my students noticed and made me a new cover made out of brass. I think that little detail is very cool! Other than those two things everything else is all original as far as I know. The strings I use on this vary but are on the heavy side. The heaviest has been a custom set that I got from Pat Martino: 15 - 17 - 24w - 30 - 40 - 50. What's on there now is a set of 12's with the 12 swapped for a 13.


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