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Feel the Flame

I don't have a clue - why you treat me this way.

You make me so blue - with these games you play.
I don't know what you want - and neither do you.
I just can't say - what we oughta do

 You say you don't love me - but I know you do
And even though I'm leaving - you know I love you too
It seems such a shame - we both share the blame
As we're walking away - and we still feel the flame 
We still feel the flame - we still feel the flame.

Feel the flame - burning bright
We got red-hot love - in the middle of the night
Baby what we got - you don't find every day
With a love so hot - it's hard to walk away.

 So don't let me walk away - I don't want to leave town
Say you want me to stay - and I'll turn right around
I don't want to go - but you're hurting me so
And I don't dig the pain - but I want you to know
I still feel the flame - I still feel the flame. 


copyright 2006 Jay EuDaly

all rights reserved


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