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Jay EuDaly Solo

Singer songwriter style presentation from all eras:
James Taylor, Neil Young, Van Morrison etc to current favorites, i.e. Dave Mathews, Jack Johnson, John Mayer etc.

Can also do jazz standards, vocal as well as instrumental.


The Man Who Sold the World (David Bowie, Nirvana)

Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (Hunter Hayes)

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Jack Johnson)

Carolina in my Mind (James Taylor)

Drive By (Train)

Star of the County Down (Irish Traditional)

Be My Baby Tonight (Jazz Standard)

Moondance (Van Morrison)

Can add other players if desired - these are just some of the many with which Jay can perform:


Eric EuDaly - guitar, vocals

Mark Valentine - vocals, guitar, perc

Phil Brenner - sax, flute

Kevin Johnson - drums

Ray DeMarchi - percussion

James Albright - bass, vocals

Brian Ruskin - guitar, vocals

Steve Barrett - perc, vocals, guitar

Terry Hancock - drums, vocals

Forest Stuart - bass

Ron Gutierrez - vocals

Rick Yord - bass

Jay with son Eric EuDaly

Jay and Phil Brenner

Jay with Steve Barrett

Jay with Ray DeMarchi

Jay with Brian Ruskin

Jay and singer Ron Gutierrez

Jay and Terry Hancock (drums, vocals) and Rick Yord (bass)

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