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Crafter Acoustic-Electric

Saw this one hanging on the wall in a music store on consignment and saw "Carvin" instead of "Crafter". I've never played a Carvin I didn't like and I thought I could use an acoustic/electric like this. Took it down, played on it for 5 or 10 minutes and said, "This feels really good, I'm going to buy it." I didn't realize it wasn't a Carvin until I'd already bought the thing and saw "CRAFTER" in big bold letters on the case. D'uoh! O well, I liked it so who cares what the brand is. I'd never heard of Crafter. I looked 'em up online, they're a Korean company and that's all I know. This has a peizo in the bridge and can sound reasonably acoustic. It uses electric guitar strings. I use a set of 12's on it. It's like a cheap Taylor of the same design. It works. I use it. End of story.


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