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Burns Baby Bison

Burns Guitars was an English guitar company that manufactured guitars during the '60's. In 1965, the company was sold to the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company - thus the Baldwin logo plate. The company was revived in 1992. I mowed grass (which I loathed) for 2 summers to get the money to buy an electric guitar. I had a Gibson catalog and fantasized about owning an SG. I didn't have enough but my parents, taking pity on me, made up the difference. We purchased this guitar for me along with a Kustom 100 guitar amp in about 1968 from a local Baldwin dealer -  it was my first electric guitar. I sold it to one of my students in the early eighties for $250.00 - and I have regretted it ever since. It is now somewhat of a collectors item and I've seen one going for $1200.00. Not that I would sell it if I still had it. In part because of my experience in that regard I generally don't get rid of instuments. If I buy it I keep it.


Any early '70's photo of me performing shows this guitar.





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