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Paul Reed Smith McCarty

This guitar has been highly modified. It was given to me by a student as a gift and I wanted to make it work for me because it's the lightest guitar I've ever played - and that has become VERY important to me because of my middle aged guitar back! I didn't like the sound of the pickups so I swapped the pickups from my Ibanez Artist into this one. I didn't like the master volume thing so I had a 2nd volume pot installed so that the volume of each pickup could be controlled separately. I wouldn't have bought this guitar off the shelf but since the price was right (free!) I figured I could spend some money on it to make it work for me. It is now one of my favorites. It's very Gibson-y; I use it constantly on Jazz and Blues gigs. I string it with Boomers - a set of 11's with the 11 swapped for a 12.

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